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Respect your readers with the ethical email newsletter platform that puts people’s privacy first.

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    Privacy first, at last

    For too long, companies and individuals have been sending email newsletters that invade people’s privacy.

    Spy trackers, click tracking and targeted drip campaigns are used and abused without your customers’ consent.

    But times are changing. And your subscribers are tired of being tracked and tricked. So join the SendStack movement – and start sending ethical editorial emails today.

    SendStack - Privacy first, at last

    Show some respect

    SendStack is the only email newsletter platform that puts the privacy of your subscribers first. Because it’s not our business to know their business.

    And it’s not yours either.

    SendStack - On the right track

    On the right track

    We believe in a better internet. So we don’t believe in offering click tracking or open tracking at all.

    SendStack - Direct on data

    Direct on data

    All emails are GDPR compliant – and you’ll always know exactly where your data is stored.

    SendStack - Bye, spy

    Bye, spy

    Your emails won’t include any invisible pixels or spy pixels to track your subscribers.

    Send simple

    SendStack’s vision is simple. We put people’s privacy first. But that doesn’t mean simplicity plays second fiddle.

    With its clean and clutter-free interface, SendStack gives you all the tools you need to write and send elegant editorial emails.

    There’s no complex business and technical features. Just a straightforward email newsletter service that saves you time and makes your life easier. Simple.

    SendStack - Go public

    Go public

    Create a public web archive so people can easily find and read all your previous email newsletters.

    SendStack - Simple Segments

    Simple Segments

    Our single list concept makes it easy to identify and segment audiences – and for readers to unsubscribe.

    SendStack - Drop drip

    Drop drip

    We don’t believe in email marketing automation or drip campaigns. So there’s no way to create them at all.

    Get down with Markdown

    When you write an editorial email newsletter, your main focus should be on the words – not how your emails look or how many were opened.

    So SendStack uses a simple email editor based on Markdown, the popular markup language that makes it easier to write content online.

    SendStack - Make your mark

    Make your mark

    Easily change the style of your emails with font and style settings or custom templates.

    SendStack - Drag and drop

    Drag and drop

    Upload images and we'll automatically resize them and make sure they load quickly in every email client.

    SendStack - Easily embed media

    Easily embed media

    Add links to tweets or videos and SendStack will automatically generate a preview in your email.

    SendStack - Check your links

    Check your links

    SendStack automatically checks all the links in your email to make sure they go where you want them to.

    SendStack - Highlight syntax

    Highlight syntax

    Give special code elements a different color from other elements so you have a visual hierarchy.

    SendStack - Collect campaign data

    Collect campaign data

    UTM codes are added to all links, making anonymous tracking possible and ethical.

    Join the SendStack movement

    Show your subscribers you care by sending ethical email newsletters.

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